• Monday, February 14, 2022 4:50 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Face it. People trust other people’s opinions more than they trust your marketing. That’s why including customer testimonials can be so powerful in converting prospects into clients. This 37-page special report explains why social proof is important to your career services business and provides guidance in obtaining social proof from your customers (more than just testimonials), including exercises to help you determine what kind of social proof will be most effective in your business, and how to keep building your social file. 

    Check out the Strengthen Your Sales Pitch With Social Proof Special Report in our online store

  • Monday, February 14, 2022 4:31 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    This is an excellent lead generation tool for resume writers. Educate jobseekers while you help them identify why their resume might not be working for them. This Pass-Along Materials content is in the form of a checklist, but you can adapt it to an article format, or even a quiz. (A perfect accompaniment to the “The 27 Mistakes Jobseekers Make In Their Job Search” Pass-Along Materials Content published in October 2016.) 

    Check out the Are You Making These 10 Mistakes On Your Resume? Pass-Along Materials Content in our online store

  • Tuesday, February 01, 2022 10:40 AM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Some career business owners have a difficult time grasping the concept that THEY are in charge of creating their business and their dream life. They are either working too many hours and missing out on family time, or they’re falling behind in their work because they have family responsibilities that impact their work. This special report can help you identify the gaps in your personal and business boundaries and establish your priorities so you can create the life and business you want. It includes more than a half-dozen worksheets and exercises to help you through the process. 

    • Dream About Your Ideal Life
    • Identify Your Current Boundaries 
    • What Do You Want to Experience? 
    • What Are The Prices You’re Paying? 
    • Identify Your Core Values 
    • Create a Litmus Test for Your Offers and Opportunities
    • Client Boundaries
    • Boundaries With Yourself
    • Walk Through Your Guilt 

    Check out the Building Business Boundaries Special Report in our online store
  • Monday, January 31, 2022 11:05 AM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Have you thought about creating a membership site — either to create additional revenue for your career services business, or to serve your jobseeker clients more effectively? 

    This 29-page special report will help you come up with a compelling concept for your membership site and build out a plan for the content you want to provide to members. It includes numerous exercises to help you plan out the specific components of your membership site concept. 

    Check out the Membership Site Planner Special Report in our online store

  • Thursday, November 11, 2021 12:42 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    The 2021 National Resume Writer’s Association conference was once again held online. This 95-page special report contains an abbreviated collection of write-ups for 12 of the event’s sessions. 

    The 2021 NRWA Conference Excerpts Special Report is available exclusively with a BeAResumeWriter.com Bronze Membership in the Member-Only Special Reports section

  • Tuesday, November 09, 2021 3:49 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    You’ve heard about the large number of people considering a career change ... or outright quitting their jobs. This content is designed to help you with folks contemplating a career change. It includes a new worksheet — the 10 Questions Exercise — to help your clients get clarity about their next step. 

    Check out The Great Resignation: Career Crisis or Something Else? Pass-Along Materials Content in our online store

  • Saturday, October 09, 2021 1:33 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    I say it all the time that “jobseekers are hungry for information — feed them”! One of the best ways to increase your credibility and visibility as a career expert is through videos. And YouTube offers a free platform to host your videos. How can you get started with this powerful platform — or take your existing YouTube channel to new heights? This 57-page special report can help by walking you, step-by-step, through the video planning process. It includes 11 worksheets to help you create your video ideas, outline your videos, and edit your videos. 

    Check out the YouTube Video Planner Special Report in our online store

  • Friday, October 08, 2021 4:03 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Keep this PAM content handy for when you get asked these questions by jobseekers: 
    • Should I put my COVID-19 vaccination status on my resume?
    • How do I include my preferred pronouns on my resume and/or LinkedIn profile? 
    • Which file format of my resume should I use? 

    You can copy-and-paste these answers into an email when asked by a client, or post them on your website in a “Frequently-Asked Questions” section. Or turn any one of them into a blog post or article! 

    The Client Frequently-Asked Questions #2 Pass-Along Materials Content is available exclusively with a BeAResumeWriter.com Bronze Membership in the Pass-Along Materials section
  • Sunday, September 19, 2021 3:46 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Ooooh!! Something special arrived in the mail this week... to find out what it is, check out our “NRWA Unboxing Video” below! 

    This year’s NRWA conference is being held on Sept. 20-23, and BeAResumeWriter.com is an Online Sponsor for the virtual event. If you are planning to attend, come visit us in our virtual booth!

    To learn more about the NRWA Annual Conference, visit the conference page here.  

  • Wednesday, September 15, 2021 12:58 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Career service business owners face many challenges — weather (hurricanes, tornadoes), technology problems, issues with subcontractors, problems with clients, and even global pandemics. This special report is defined to help you become more resilient. This 41-page special report will help you develop resilience — both personally and professionally. Learn how business continuity and disaster planning is essential for every career service business. Why creating processes and systems can help in good times — and bad. Clarify your business vision and objectives to make it through the difficult times. And how disruption can be an opportunity. Includes three exercises: SWOT Analysis, Mission Statement Checklist, and Small Business Disaster Preparedness. 

    Check out the Creating a Resilient Resume Writing Business Special Report in our online store


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