• Wednesday, September 21, 2022 10:52 AM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    We recently traveled to Boston for the INBOUND 2022 conference (held on Sept. 6-9, 2022, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center). The event is full of useful tips and inspiration for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. 

    This is the second time Jon and I have traveled to Boston for the conference (we’ve also attended virtually in the past). 

    Jon has put together a five-part series highlighting our conference experience on his blog — featuring lots of learning wrapped around some fun food and travel experiences!

    The INBOUND 2022 Conference Trip Series:  

    > Clam Chowder Fries? — INBOUND 2022 Trip: Part 1 

    > “It’s Like Going Back to the 90s” — INBOUND 2022 Trip: Part 2 

    > “Be Original... Don’t Be a Cover Band” — INBOUND 2022 Trip: Part 3 

    > Trapped in Bearskin Neck — INBOUND 2022 Trip: Part 4 

    > Pancakes By The Ocean — INBOUND 2022 Trip: Part 5 

  • Tuesday, September 20, 2022 11:53 AM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Get to know other resume writers in our community with our “10 Questions” series. Our fifteenth profile focuses on Madelyn Mackie — owner of Madelyn Mackie & Associates | Activate Your Career Dreams

    Mackie is the “career activator”! As a Certified Career Management Coach, member of the National Resume Writers’ Association, and former board member of the National Speakers Association, Mackie offers conference keynotes, professional development trainings, and career coaching to help her clients design unique, job-getting documents, build successful career plans, and create lifelong success. She has been a professional resume writer for nine years. 

    “I never set out to be a resume writer. My goal was to be a professional speaker. I speak on career transition and tell the story of how I went from the lab, to the stage, to the C-suite, and often, I would be approached by members of my audience asking me if I could help them do the same thing — which translated into career coaching and resume writing.” 

    >> Click Here to Read the Full “10 Questions With Madelyn Mackie” Feature on the Resume Writers' Digest Blog! 
  • Tuesday, September 06, 2022 2:00 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Looking for “homework” assignments to give to clients to work on while you write the resume? Check out this package of homework and printables. 

    It includes: 

    • Target List of Companies 
    • Pre-Interview Worksheet (Company Profile) 
    • Your Ideal Job Profile 
    • Social Media Scrub Checklist/Worksheet 

    Check out the Client Homework & Printables #1 Pass-Along Materials Content in our online store

    The Client Homework & Printables #1 Pass-Along Materials Content is included with a BeAResumeWriter.com Bronze Membership — in the Pass-Along Materials (PAMs) section
  • Thursday, September 01, 2022 10:54 AM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Being a career business owner isn’t always what you dreamed it would be, is it? The less-than-supportive voices in your head (we all have them; you’re not crazy) keep telling you that you’ll never live up to your dream of being everything you wanted to be. We’ve all had these moments of self-doubt and, for the most part, we push through them. But negative self-talk about money undermines our self-confidence. Money blocks work their way into our psyche and hang out there for years, wreaking havoc on our lives and happiness, and you probably don’t even know it’s happening. 

    One thing is for certain: Your attitude about money directly effects your balance sheet. We believe that small but insistent voice that says, “My clients won’t pay more” or “You don’t know enough to charge that” or even “You don’t have what it takes to earn a six-figure income.” And when we believe it, it becomes true. 

    There’s a simple solution, and it starts with a shift in your money mindset. This 33-page special report is full of insight and exercises to help you change these long-held beliefs, write a new money story, and bust through your money blocks. Change the way you think and act about money and change your life — and business — forever. 

    Check out the Your Money Mindset Special Report in our online store

    The Your Money Mindset Special Report is available with a BeAResumeWriter.com Bronze Membership — in the Member-Only Special Reports section — until Nov. 30, 2022. 

  • Wednesday, August 10, 2022 4:48 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    The media is hungry for careers industry information their readers and viewers want to consume. Feed them with this Pass-Along Materials content package featuring five news releases. The packages includes templates for the following news releases: 

    • International Update Your Résumé Month 
    • Back to School/Back to Work 
    • Included in a Career Book 
    • Announcing the Launch of a New Podcast 
    • Announcing Planned Attendances at a Career Industry Conference 

    Each template is followed by a sample news release for that topic so you can see how to fill in the information. The first page also includes tips for news releases. 

    Check out the News Release Package #4 Pass-Along Materials Content in our online store
  • Sunday, July 31, 2022 4:36 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Offering support to job seeking clients can increase your revenues AND your client’s satisfaction with your services. 

    This 20-page planner walks you through the five steps in the process of developing and executing packages: 

    • Defining Your Perfect Client for a Package 
    • Get Crystal Clear on the Outcomes You Provide 
    • Flesh Out the Must-Have Features and Logistics 
    • Create Packages with Crazy-Attractive Names 
    • Price Your Packages for Prime Buying 

    The special report includes multiple exercises to help with each step in the process. 

    Check out the Planning and Pricing Your Packages Planner Special Report in our online store
  • Monday, July 11, 2022 3:58 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Looking for social media content, short email newsletter items, or blog post or article content? 

    The tenth installment in the Career Checklists series covers these topics: 

    • Jobseeker’s Guide to Customizing Your Résumé 
    • How to Say It: Job Search Scripts #2 (Requesting a Raise, Asking for FMLA leave, and requesting to work remotely) 
    • The Great Resignation: Career Crisis or Something Else? 
    • Formula for a Quick Introduction 
    • Restart or Start Fresh 
    • STAR Worksheet: How to Create Compelling Career Stories 

    Check out the Career Checklists #10 Pass-Along Materials Content in our online store
  • Wednesday, June 29, 2022 2:03 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    If you haven't already made the transition to a full-time career services business, this 30-page guide is for you. Being an entrepreneur provides you the ability to control your own life and do what you are passionate about. While transitioning from employee to entrepreneur may seem like an overwhelming task, you will learn throughout this special report that it is not. It is something you are fully capable of doing. It includes the 8 steps to take you from employee to entrepreneur. 

    Check out the From Employee to Entrepreneur Special Report in our online store

  • Wednesday, June 08, 2022 11:19 AM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Helping your jobseeking clients express their accomplishments is important! The STAR formula has long been used to help articulate accomplishments in a resume or LinkedIn profile or answer the question, “Tell me about a time when you...” in an interview. This 6-page worksheet is designed as a homework exercise for a client as part of the job search process. It includes an overview of the STAR formula, examples of when a STAR story can be used, 18 prompts to create STAR stories, and a fill-in-the-blanks exercise to capture the information in the STAR formula to create STAR stories. 

    Check out the STAR Worksheet: How to Create Compelling Career Stories Pass-Along Materials Content in our online store

  • Tuesday, June 07, 2022 2:25 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

    Low-content products are a great way to generate an additional revenue stream AND serve jobseekers better. They can also be a lead-generator to your one-to-one services. 

    What are some examples of low-content products? Checklists, workbooks, toolkits, planners, questionnaires, journals, and trackers are tools that provide high value to the buyer. They can be printable (downloads) or physical products. 

    In this 39-page special report, you’ll learn the advantages of low-content products, you’ll develop a plan for creating your first high-value, low-content product, you’ll learn how to execute that plan, and you’ll learn ideas to market your low-content products for quick sales. 

    Check out the Fast Cash From Low-Content Products Special Report in our online store


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