Pricing Right: Price Your Career Services with Confidence (Nine-Module Course)

Thursday, February 18, 2021 5:13 PM | Bridget Weide Brooks (Administrator)

Do you find it difficult to determine what to charge your clients for resume writing and LinkedIn development services? Stop guessing what to charge. 

Pricing your resume writing/career services is one of the most common questions I get — from new resume writers to veterans alike. It’s consistently one of the top “challenges” listed in the Resume Writers’ Digest Annual Industry Survey. 

My new course Pricing Right: Price Your Career Services with Confidence can help. 

Small changes in pricing can produce dramatic results. You may be losing revenue you could be earning if you under-charge for your services. Alternatively, you could be losing customers and sales by charging too much. Pricing is the factor that has the largest impact on sales and profits. 

Pricing Right is built around everything I’ve learned about pricing in my 25 years in the career services business PLUS input from colleagues about what works to get clients to pay what you charge. 

This course is a must for all self-employed resume writers. For the past three years, I’ve taught a bootcamp session on pricing your services for entrepreneurs. Now, I’ve expanded that session into a nine-module course with these lessons:

  • Do You Have a Pricing Problem?
  • First Establish Your Value, Then Communicate Your Pricing 
  • The Right Price for Your Clients
  • Pricing Modules
  • The Formula for Pricing Your Services 
  • Pricing Data 
  • Common Mistakes in Pricing 
  • Raising Your Prices 
  • What to Do Now — and What to Do Next

The course includes nine video lessons, accompanying handouts, and questions for self-reflection. 

To learn more and enroll in the Pricing Right: Price Your Career Services with Confidence course, visit our course page

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(The Pricing Right: Price Your Career Services with Confidence course is part of our Resume Writer’s University course offerings on Teachable). 
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